• Shelby Price, MT-BC

3 Things You Need to Know About Music Therapy

Learning about music therapy can be a bit overwhelming at times, but fun infographics like this are really helpful in figuring out just how music therapy works! This one is especially cool because it breaks up the ways music effects the brain.

There is more to music therapy, however. And for me there are 3 really important aspects of music therapy that I believe everyone should know!

1. Music Therapy is an established and accredited health care profession.

It is the use of music to meet therapeutic goals that address cognitive, emotional, physical and social needs. There are almost 70 AMTA accredited music therapy programs across the United States. Find out more about music therapy's accreditation on AMTA's website : www.musictherapy.org.

2. Music Therapy is evidenced and researched based. There are two publications that keep up with current research and practices: The Journal of Music Therapy and Music Therapy Perspectives. Research on music therapy interventions and practices are consistently being conducted. It's always changing and evolving so that all music therapy interventions are up to date and current!

3. Music reaches the entire brain at once. Music is the one stimulus that crosses the mid-line to effect both the left and right hemisphere. This is so important when trying to create new connections throughout the brain. It is a way to retrain the brain to increase its functioning.

Those, to me, are some of the most important aspects and features of music therapy. They are the parts that effect my life as a practicing music therapist the most. And of course, it all comes back to the healing powers of music!

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