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Instrument Spotlight

Today's instrument spotlight : the glockenspiel!

The glockenspiel is a very diverse instrument. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors and octaves that all aid in its use during music therapy sessions.

For many sessions a glockenspiel such as this one is used. It has many beneficial aspects:

  • Colorful

  • Small

  • Space between tone bars

  • Individualism

This glockenspiel being colorful works the cognitive functions of the brain. Distinguishing between the different colors quickly exercises multiple

parts of the brain, creating and nurturing neural pathways.

The size also impacts the clients motor functioning, both gross and fine motor. Fine motor function can be exercised with the use of the mallets, which utilizes grip strength and finger dexterity. Gross motor function can be exercised with the arm movement depending on the distance from the client to the instrument. Moving the glockenspiel closer or further away can strengthen the muscles of the arm.

Another important and subtly beneficial aspect of the glockenspiel is the distance between the tone bars. For this particular glockenspiel the tone bars are distanced enough that use of eye-hand coordination is required. This feature is a perk when working on physical directed goals.

An example of individualism is in the picture to the left. In a group setting a small glockenspiel can be used to incorporate a client into the group while keeping their involvement in the group individualized.

Check back soon for our next Instrument Spotlight!

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